Meet the Staff

Tom Schultz
Weekdays 5:30-10am

Since I was 17 years old, I have been obsessed with two things. The Beach and the Radio. For me, the two just seem to go together. I spent many summers working and playing at the Delaware beaches and when I went off to college, I was able to help start the college radio station and became the first student station manager. I interned at the rock station WYSP in Philly and worked at the old SEA93 in Georgetown one summer. I've worked at Delmarva Broadcasting since 2003 as a parttime guy on our sister stations, Eagle 97.7 and most recently Cool 101.3. One of the highlights of my radio career was a Live Broadcast from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 2008.

Coming to 97.1 The Wave is a dream come true. It combines my love of radio, music and the beach life. So whether you're a local and I can help get you through your morning or a vistor spending some time at our beautiful beaches, thanks for turning me on.
Weekdays 10am-3pm

At age 15 my brother-in-law took me to the Indiana radio station where he worked and I was hooked! I've been "town to town, up and down the dial" in Indiana, Michigan plus bigger cities like,Buffalo and Philadelphia. The best times were working at several nearby stations including B104 in Baltimore and WAVA in D.C. (both #1) and even IN SPACE on satellite radio. I also worked on The Voice of America where I was told that any time I turned on the microphone, 20 MILLION people were listening. GULP! Glad there were no International incidents. When I'm not on the radio I'm on the Interwebs with 3 on-line stations: (POP and CLASSIC) and a tribute to a late-great Top-40 AM station I live with my wife, her elder father, sister and 3 cats and doing my absolutely FAVORITE thing: driving my convertible along the beach on warm summer nights. I hope you'll have as much fun listening to the music on The Wave as I have playing it.
Brendan Kashuba (BK)
Weekdays 3-6pm

Born in MOCO MD USA in 1900 and 70 something. "Don't go back to Rockville" by REM was not written to him, yet he refuses to return. Brendan Kashuba was a high school athlete and band nerd. A graduate of Good Counsel HS, and he also spent 9 years studying at Salisbury University. "Now it's all video" is what he says about the mobile dj business. "Now it's all wild technology" is what he says about the radio business. Orioles Fan since the early 70's, BK now enjoys his spare time performing tricks on his Honda Ruckus and shark watching in Ocean City from the comfort of his Wave Runner. I rarely sit in the sand but I'm really happy to call myself a beach bum. Thanks for Listening! U buddy-
Mike O'Meara
Weeknights 7-9pm

It's the The Mike O'Meara Show, featuring the great radio talents of Mike O'Meara, longtime sidekick Robb Spewak and Oscar Santana. The Mike O'Meara Show is a fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and three guys busting on each other.

Your evenings just got a little more entertaining with The Mike O'Meara Show weekday nights at 7 on 97.1 The Wave...Your Beach Station


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